Simon Brown Cartoons

Hello, I'm Simon. Here is a collection of my doodles. I like to post stuff as regularly as I can. I made them all for you.
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No food with a face.

The end

Oh Heey!

Dick’s Cola

Shake well before opening

Merry Christmas from me and this goofy Narwhal.

Inspired by Kate Beaton’s goofy Moby Dick

Mountain comic

Oh, whatever Owls. You’re not so special. You regurgitate excrement out your mouths. 

Cutting paper and sticking it down is really fun. This fact was true when I was 4 years old and it remains true now I’m a 26 year old man.

You might think dressing your cat up is funny now but he’ll get you back.

Nose Pick

Why has he put that in a frame?